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Vehicle wrapping

Honda CBR SD Detailing Brisbane

SD Detailing can help customise your vehicle and turn your ride into a head turner with vehicle wrapping.

Unique aesthetics can be achieved not only externally but internally as well. With the wide variety of films available the choices seem endless. Currently there is over 100 shades of colours in many textures and finishes like Matte, Metallic, and gloss available.

Car & vehicle wrapping is more cost effective than custom paint work and you will have your vehicle back a lot sooner than if it was getting a re-spray. This means less down time especially if it is a business vehicle.

Our signwriting option will help your business be seen and generate potential customers from advertising on your vehicles. This high level of exposure will grow your customers driving in traffic and even when your car is parked.

The durability of the car film will mean that your original paint will be protected from the harsh UV rays, high temperatures and humidity and when required the wrap can be removed without any damage to the original paint.

Our film is custom cut in house to meet the specific requirements of your vehicle allowing our SD Detailing team to maintain a fast turnaround and high standard of workmanship for the best possible finish and care for your vehicle.