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Surface preparation

GTECHNIQ Range SD Detailing

Did you know that your typical vehicle exterior consists of multiple layers?

  • Corrosion resistance for the base metal
  • UV radiation protection & smoothing layer
  • Colour for aesthetics
  • Clearcoat to protect from the environment

Unfortunately, the top clear coat will over time become contaminated by substances that are difficult to remove and ultimately cause damage to the surface of your vehicle. Contaminants come in many forms they may contain mud, grease, salt, petrol & diesel film, oil film, bird & bat droppings, bitumen and let’s not forget rubber residue from tyres, the list goes on.

With a Ceramic Coating or paint protection film (PPF) Damage from stone chips and abrasions are significantly reduced, contaminant removal is much easier plus higher levels of gloss and swirl resistance can be achieved.

Before applying these coatings to the exterior of your vehicle our team of car enthusiasts will ensure they have decontaminated all surfaces that are going to be treated. This preparation process crucial to achieve the optimal finish.

To achieve a sufficiently prepared surface, the SD Detailing team have to take into account what surface contaminants may be present. The correct preparation procedure is then followed such as our 20+ Stage Decontamination Process :

  • The vehicle is treated with snow foam to loosen and remove larger debris and road grime.
  • The vehicle is washed using the zero-bucket system to prevent any debris being moved across onto the vehicle.
  • Vehicle is treated with an iron remover to cleanse ferrous road deposits.
  • Exterior vents, door shuts & sills cleaned.
  • Wheels are cleaned using a non-acidic cleaner and wheel-specific brushes.
  • The vehicle is blown dry to prevent any additional damage.
  • Vehicle specific clay is used over the surface of the paint to remove surface contamination.
  • Road tar remover is used to dissolve road grime & tar as well as insects and other suborn contamination.
  • Exterior trim is restored & tyres are dressed
  • A machine polisher is used to remove light swirls and provide a high gloss finish

Depending on the age of the vehicle and defects/imperfections in the paint work enhancement may also be required prior to ceramic coatings & protection films being applied. Our base process involves :

  • Ultrasonic Paint thickness gauge technology used to create a “map” of the layers of paint.
  • 1 to 2 stage gloss enhancement correction to remove minor surface swirling and imperfections to provide a gloss with more depth and clarity.

Why We Use Gtechniq Panel Wipe?

Panel Wipe is designed to remove all polish residues so that chemically bonding coatings can form the maximum amount of bonds with your vehicle’s paintwork.

PW is a blend of pure alcohols and solvents formulated to remove and dissolve polish residues and then ‘flash-off’ to leave a 100% decontaminated surface.